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A new round of putative class action lawsuits brought by counsel for patients who received treatment in a hospital emergency room alleging that hospitals charge emergency room patients a hidden and undisclosed “surcharge” or “cover charge” on top of charges for services provided is hitting hospitals throughout California. These suits are the progeny of prior unsuccessful putative class action lawsuits brought by the same plaintiff’s counsel alleging that hospitals’ charges for emergency services are unreasonably high and that the financial arrangements provision within the Conditions of Admission agreement signed by the patients requiring payment of charges are improper and not enforceable. Read More ›

In urging fellow members of the United States Senate to pass the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005 (PSQIA), the late Senator Edward Kennedy stated that “medical errors cause 98,000 deaths every year” and that the PSQIA stemmed from an effort to “encourage the development of a safer health care system.”[1] 

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