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Related Practices


HLB has decades of experience representing both for-profit and nonprofit health care providers effectively and efficiently with the unique facets of health care financing.

Our extensive experience includes all types of debt and equity financing transactions, secured and unsecured debt financing, and real estate and personal property (such as accounts receivable) financing.

Our experience assisting nonprofit health care providers with financing includes general obligation bonds, tax-exempt revenue bond financing, commercial loans, construction financings, property secured financing, asset-backed revolving credit lines and other receivables financing, letters of credit, insured financing under the HUD  and Cal Mortgage programs, and various lease back financing arrangements. We have also represented many for profit long-term care health facilities in HUD-insured financings.

We have highly-specialized experience in the unique public financing issues faced by healthcare districts. We have represented several healthcare districts in the issuance of tax exempt revenue bonds.  Additionally, the firm has handled general obligation bond financing and related issues for healthcare districts.

The firm’s securities experience includes the representation of hospitals and other health care providers in numerous private placements of debt and equity, serving as facility counsel in connection with public debt financing, and serving as regulatory counsel to public offerings of debt and equity by publicly traded companies.

The firm serves as lead counsel in private placements involving the syndication of partnerships and limited liability companies (LLCs) to acquire general acute care hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and other health care providers. As with other business transactions, such syndications require a keen knowledge of the regulatory environment.

HLB’s Health Care Financing Services Include:

  • Bank financing, including representation of hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, other providers and suppliers, physician foundations, physicians groups and physicians.
  • Tax-exempt bond financing, as borrower's counsel for hospitals and skilled nursing facilities.
  • HUD-insured financing for skilled nursing facilities and hospitals.
  • Private equity and venture capital financings, representing both investors, and providers and suppliers.
  • Exempt securities offerings under Regulation D and state Blue Sky regulations.
  • Acquisition and working capital financing. 
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