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HLB’s academic medicine practice serves academic medical centers and teaching hospitals throughout the country. The practice involves attorneys from all departments of the firm. 

The practice includes a  a multidisciplinary Academic Medical Center/Teaching Hospital (AMC/TH) Working Group that meets regularly to analyze and address key issues arising from health care law and regulations applicable to such organizations across the country, given their tripartite mission of patient care, medical education and research.  In particular, the AMC/TH Working Group focuses on medical education and research  legal issues, to assist the industry to stay abreast of, and in compliance with, the ever-changing regulatory landscape. 

Representative matters include:

  • In the medical education context, advising regarding IME and GME reimbursement; negotiating affiliations and drafting affiliation agreements; maintenance of accreditation and meeting other operational requirements (e.g., compliance with ACGME and NRMP requirements); advising regarding medical student rotations, resident rotations and employment issues. See more information on HLB’s medical education practice.
  • In the research context, advising regarding regulatory aspects of clinical trials compliance, negotiating clinical trial agreements, intersection with fraud and abuse and privacy laws, and assistance drafting research-related policies and protocols. See more information on HLB’s clinical research practice.
  • In addition, HLB’s legal services for academic medical centers and teaching hospitals run the gamut from regulatory and transactional matters to litigation that is provided to other hospitals and health systems, including, without limitation, advice on application of federal and state fraud and abuse and physician self-referral laws  and fraud and abuse defense; joint ventures and other strategic affiliations; and otherwise counseling on all regulatory aspects of healthcare regulatory compliance.

HLB Academic Medicine Intelligence

HLB frequently issues content through published articles, blog posts, and other materials to keep our clients informed on legal developments and insights.  Our most recently published materials related to academic medicine follow.  To view older materials, please visit the News and Publications tabs on this page.

For media assistance, please contact Maura Fisher at 202-580-7714.