Behavioral Health & Community-Based Care

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Distinct Issues, Experienced Counsel

We understand that behavioral health providers often face unique challenges distinct from those faced by other health care providers.

The firm has considerable experience in representing psychiatric hospitals and hospital systems, psychiatric units of acute care facilities, behavioral health clinics, community mental health centers, mental health rehabilitation centers, residential care facilities for youth and for the elderly, private social service agencies, and mental health care practitioners in both administrative and civil tribunals.

Our attorneys often also serve as general counsel for these clients, integrating our firm-wide expertise into behavioral health and community-based care in areas such as consent and standard of care issues, regulatory compliance, risk management, contracts, labor issues, strategic planning and business transactions.

Distinct Regulatory Challenges

We understand the sometimes conflicting requirements of health care and social services regulatory agencies and have worked with these agencies, the courts and the Legislature to successfully resolve many of these issues for our clients. In addition, we understand the complex confidentiality issues associated with mental health care. As private providers increasingly take on the functions historically associated with the government, we work diligently with our clients and their trade organizations to ensure that they are in compliance with regulations and that they understand the complex relationship between regulatory action and potential civil liability.

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