Business Transactions

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Diversified Training.

Because of the specialized nature of the health care industry, a health care business transaction often requires the skills of both a seasoned business lawyer and a health care regulatory specialist. Unlike many firms that refer such transactions to business lawyers who may only occasionally handle a health care deal, each of our business lawyers is also a health care regulatory specialist working exclusively on health care business transactions.

Many of our business lawyers have joined our firm after years of transactional experience at other national or international firms. We then cross-train our lawyers in health care law to ensure they have a complete understanding of the business and health care aspects of transactions. We believe this approach offers our clients a better legal product at a lower cost.

Transactional Experience

HLB has represented clients in more than 50 percent of California hospital acquisitions over the last five years. Our attorneys also handle a broad array of sales, leases, mergers, financing transactions and affiliations involving a wide variety of health care organizations. In addition, we regularly assist with licensure, reimbursement and other regulatory matters related to mergers and acquisitions.

A substantial number of the firm’s business transactions involve physicians or physician groups, either as clients, parties to contracts or joint venture partners. Our attorneys have considerable experience in analyzing and structuring such physician arrangements, which require a thorough understanding of self-referral, antikickback, corporate practice of medicine, licensing, and other regulatory concerns.

Please click here for a list of recent transactions.

Dedicated Strategic Advisors

Many of the firm’s attorneys serve not only as legal counsel, but also as strategic advisors to clients. In addition, our attorneys often act as outside general counsel for our clients, providing ongoing representation and assistance with a wide variety of day-to-day contracting, regulatory and other legal matters.

Transaction, Organization Specialties:

  • Hospital, skilled nursing facility and other provider acquisitions
  • Physician practice organization
  • Syndication of hospitals to physician ownership
  • Development of integrated delivery systems
  • Management service organization transactions
  • Regulatory compliance advice for all provider types
  • Development of integrated delivery systems
  • Formation and licensure of provider-based health plans
  • Formation of practice management companies
  • Debt and equity financings
  • Health care due diligence as regulatory counsel
  • Joint Ventures
  • Mergers
  • Obtaining and maintaining tax exempt status
  • For profit and nonprofit tax planning
  • Development of non-profit medical foundations
  • Medical office building acquisition and development
  • Hospital-based physician contracts
  • Hospital service management agreements Medical directorship agreements
  • Hospital affiliations
  • Development of full service cancer and other outpatient treatment facilities
  • Corporate, partnership restructurings
  • Counseling for antikickback, self-referral, and corporate practice of medicine issues
  • Construction and employment contracts
  • Real and personal property leases
  • Real estate acquisitions
  • Securities
  • Development of faculty practice plans

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